UV-C Disinfection

    By Alanod
    May 22, 2020 Category: General

    COVID-19 has presented new challenges in disinfecting and sanitizing that require modern, more aggressive solutions. In the healthcare industry autonomous UV-C robots are the preferred alternative to manual sanitization. MIRO UV-C Is the Ultimate Reflective Surface UV-C is a powerful, germicidal light used to sanitize patient rooms, operating rooms and exam rooms. When the room is unoccupied, the robot is in the room reflecting UV-C light into the air and onto the surfaces to kill germs. Surface germs are killed, as well as air-borne viruses, in an eco-friendly manner that does not require chemicals. MIRO UV-C are highly effective reflectors, specifically designed for these applications. They deliver the light to where it is needed and at maximum optical efficiency. Photo Credit: Sanitising robot for hospitals Alanods MIRO UV-C Reflects, Directs Withstands UV-C Rays Over 90% of the UV-C spectrum is reflected from the MIRO UV-C surface. This allows the robot

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