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    There is no question how much metal surface adds aesthetic quality to automotive interiors. However, scratches and fingerprint marks on shiny metal surfaces can undermine its appeal. Alanod-Westlake Metals is no stranger to manufacturers’ and designers’ desire to make metal surfaces, especially for those commonly touched areas, to be as scratch and fingerprint resistant as much as possible. Thus, in response to the needs and demands of the market, they developed their Deco Prime ® products to achieve precisely that. 

    The Deco Prime ® Products’ Anti-fingerprint Advantage 

    The Deco Prime ® products come with soft-touch, anti-fingerprint UV coating that has a matte-type surface and is warm to the touch. And because they are fingerprint resistant, they are ideal for use on high-usage or frequently touched areas inside the cars, such as door handles, fascia panels, steering wheel console, and others. 

    The Deco Prime ® Products’ Scratch-resistance Advantage 

    Scratch resistance is also highly significant in automotive interior design, especially with drivers whose rings or other accessories may scratch the steering wheel console and other high-contact car interior surfaces. Thankfully, Deco Prime ® products have innovative UV surface technology for maximum scratch resistance. The lacquer system is not just resistant to scratches; it’s also highly customizable, printable, and durable, so you can create the design you want and still ensure it will stand up to your durability and aesthetic needs for your interiors.

    Deco Prime ® Products are ideal for shifter mods, door panels, center consoles, control surfaces, radio face plates, and other high-usage surfaces. 

    You can check their website to learn more about scratch and fingerprint-resistant Deco Prime ® products for automotive or any other application. 

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