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    Automotive design benefits significantly from the sophisticated appeal and innate durability that premium metal surfaces can contribute to a vehicle’s interior and exterior. To ensure engineers, designers, and manufacturers get to create their ideal products, Alanod-Westlake Metals uses lacquers and primers to help them protect, coat, and make metals decorative.  



    There are a few variants of lacquer that Alanod offers to refine metal coils. One is more rigid for more flat geometry with minimal bends to it. But they also have a flexible lacquer, which is highly formable. Both types can be anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint lacquers. They are UV-resistant, printable, and translucent. Translucence is vital to ensure you don’t lose any of the surface finish quality of the material, especially when you tint flexible lacquers for protection and color. Hence, using Alanod’s technology, you can create customized designs with a unique decorative character while ensuring scratch and fingerprint resistance on functional surfaces.


    Aside from the lacquers for protection, Alanod also uses special primers for bonding and printability. They have primers for products to be used between plastics or bonded with plastics through injection molding. Alanod’s primers are excellent for applications requiring metal-to-plastic bonding. The primers are great for printability, too. 

    The different primers and lacquers offered by Alanod can meet the specific needs of partners and clients, not only in the automotive industry. But for various interior and exterior applications across a wide range of industries. 

    Head to their website to learn more about their metal products and processing services and see if they can serve your business and industry, too. 

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