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    Aluminum is a lightweight metal that has high corrosion resistance which makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor applications requiring long term use. By anodizing and/or coating the aluminum substrate, Alanod can significantly increase the durability and enhance the appearance for the desired application. We can easily alter the color for the desired look while still providing functionality.

    In addition, aluminum is more affordable than other similar decorative materials which makes it a very popular material in the lighting, solar, architectural, and automotive industries to name a few. 

    Alanod-Westlake Metal provides a wide variety of aluminum coil and sheet products. From our highly engineered Miro® to basic 1000, 3000, and 5000 series common alloys. 


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    We stock and process various anodized aluminum surfaces, from mirrored bright sheet to satin mill finish. Applications include lighting, decorative, nameplate, architectural, and foils for the High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) markets.


    Miro® is the trade name for Alanod's PVD technology. The Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) layer enhances the surface to provide the highest reflectivity levels on aluminum surfaces. The Miro® name is the most recognized brand in the world for aluminum reflective surfaces. Typically it is specified by name for every type of metal reflector. 


    Alanod-Westlake also stocks a variety of white painted aluminum typically used in the lighting market for both housings and reflectors. We provide a coil-coated product and can supply this material both as coil or sheet as we stock this material in gauge ranges between .016 and .063.


    In addition to being the North American Distributor for Alanod Germany, we also provide slit coil and blanks for common alloy customer programs where JIT delivery is required. We maintain inventories of 3003, 3105, and 5052, to name a few. Given our quality and service, we recently added these products to our portfolio.


    Miro White® is our newest line of products that we have added to our reflective surface portfolio. These products provide the highest reflectivity while also providing the highest light diffusion developed specifically for LED technology. These products are designed to reflect and scatter LED light and improve light output and efficiencies. Miro White® is also available in steel.      

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