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    Alanod, renowned supplier to the lighting industry for decades, has advanced their PVD technology to include copper. Copper has been known for centuries to have germ killing capabilities. The combination of Alanod’s technology and this powerful element create an economical, beautiful, and environmentally friendly solution to keeping people safe from germs, especially the Coronavirus.  That solution is MIRO® CU.   

    Pure solid copper is expensive. MIRO® CU is a layer of pure copper physically vapor deposited onto aluminum using Alanod’s PVD technology. The copper becomes one with the aluminum so it will not peel or flake off. The copper surface starts disintegrating germs immediately and completely within four hours. Paired with proper cleaning, the ability to reduce the exposure to germs will benefit yourself, business owners, their employees, and their customers.

    MIRO® CU .004 inch thick film has a self-adhesive peel and stick backing for easy application. Its brushed finish gives it a sophisticated satin look that adheres beautifully to door handles, push plates, table edges, push switches and more. MIRO® CU .020 inch thick sheets have a mill finish that provides a warm copper glow to the top of reception desks, as cladding on the front of the reception desk, on bar tops,  tabletops, or any place a flat surface will be frequently touched.


    Aluminum’s excellent recycling properties allow Alanod to use up to 90% recycled aluminum and 95% less electricity in the production of MIRO® CU. When it is time to switch out the product for new, or a high level of protection is no longer needed, MIRO® CU is completely recyclable.

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