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    DECO PRIME® with open-pore anodization and DECO PRIME® with passivation offer unique surface properties. Forming in no way damages the print, and the surface also remains crack-free. These products are stable and can be stored for extended periods without the occurrence of oxidation.

    Our Products Open Up A Range Of Possibilities 

    Many of our products would generally go into a fabricator who also has injection molding capability, so a lot of times, because these applications are decorative, they require screen printing. That can be achieved through either a type of anodized layer that we do, or it can also be done through a topside primer. Either way, the product comes in ready to be screen printed, then formed, then back injected, and then through an injection molding process, and again all of these things would potentially require specific primers or bonding agents.

    Alanod's Current Printable Automotive Business 

    One of the things that our products, talking about printability, a large segment of our current automotive business, is for sill plates in the lower door and emblems for logos. We start with a beautiful surface, then it gets printed, and then, in that case, it would get post-coated for protection. The beauty of the substrate and the rolled surface is retained. Our lacquers are translucent, so they keep the anodized color, or we can tint the lacquer in several different tints.  

    Learn More About Alanod-Westlake And Our Printable Solutions

    To learn more about our solutions for printable surfaces, don't hesitate to get in touch with us directly for more details.

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