Anodised products

Alanod-Westlake offers a wide range of standard anodised surfaces with properties ranging from matt to specular reflective, recyclable, coloured, scratch-resistant, antistatic, paintable and sterilisable. Our range is complemented by a wide variety of surface structures.

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Diverse products – diverse applications

We provide a wide range of different reflective properties, hardness levels and material thicknesses ex-works. From soft to extra hard, the required hardness is determined by the individual application. At a width of 1.350 mm, our aluminium comes from a coil. The thickness of the anodised layer produced in the anodising process is specifically matched to the structure and composition of the material used.
Our product portfolio includes highly specular surfaces (318G2) together with matt surfaces having a “maximum” diffuse reflection (1165G3). Naturally, we can also provide reasonable graduations such as semi-specular (600G) or reflector matt (1520G2).

Westlake Anodised Standard


In addition to traditional hammer peened surfaces from fine to coarse and our stucco surface, we also supply many other patterned versions. You will find the widely used cross section profiles here together with honeycomb-structured varieties.

Also included in this group is our innovative Skybright® surface. This specially structured surface can be used to confine or disperse incident light, depending on the panel setting – these surface properties particularly benefit daylight systems.

Alanod Westlake Structure


Give your products a quality look with our high-end surfaces and impress your customers with design elements and high-value end products. The elegant and convincing stainless steel look of the butler finish combined with a coating that leaves no fingerprints as in DEKONOX®, is scratch-resistant as in DECO PRIME® Scratch Resistance are only a few examples of our wide range of products that will assist your development process. Download: DECO Brochure

Westlake Decor


Aluminium in colour – It does not have to be grey
Coloured surfaces are produced by inserting dye pigments into the pores that form during the anodising process. As a result, the aluminium is anodised in colour. Subsequent sealing of the pores guarantees a highly resistant surface with a high level of colour uniformity periodically produced in a series of runs.

All colours in our range can be produced on any anodised surface from matt to specular. In addition to our standard colours, we can also produce virtually any other variety where sufficient quantities are ordered. Just let us know which colour you prefer.

Alanod Westlake Color