• Reduce your employees and customers exposure to bacteria and viruses including COVID-19
    • Transform high-contact surfaces, easily & inexpensively, into self-disinfecting surfaces
    • MIRO® CU film forms easily around common surfaces such as door handles and hand rails
    • MIRO® CU sheets are ideal for covering table tops, reception desks and other flat surfaces



    Copper’s virus killing powers have been known for centuries. The antimicrobial effects of copper have been scientifically proven to disintegrate bacteria and viruses after only a few minutes. This knowledge and the current Covid-19 pandemic led to the invention of MIRO® CU. 

    MIRO® CU is a pure copper vapor coated aluminum that was specifically developed to combat the corona virus pandemic. Rolls and sheets of MIRO® CU in thicknesses of .004 inch to .020 inch can be used to transform any high-contact surface easily and inexpensively into a self-disinfecting surface. Along with proper cleaning, you can help reduce the risk of infection to your employees and customers. 

    Laboratory Results & Studies

    In a laboratory test, MIRO® CU was proven to disintegrate 99.99% of viruses in 4 hours. 

    View the Miro CU Lab Report

    The New England Journal of Medicine article "Aerosol and Surface Stability of SARS-CoV-2 as Compared with SARS-CoV-1"



    Applied and Environmental Microbiology article "Metallic Copper as an Antimicrobial Surface"



    Product Handling & Care


    1. Copper coated aluminum sheets in .020 in, thickness and fim in .004 in. thickness with antiviral and antimicrobial properties for hygene purposes. 

    2. Use and storage indoors only at temperatures between 59ºF and 77ºF and maximum humidity of 60% relative humidity.

    3. Even if these indications are observed, the copper coating is subject to natural aging with color changes. Such color changes can be accelerated by increased humidity (i.e. more than x% relative humidity), action of liquids or mechanical damage (e.g. scratches).

    4. Fingerprints and impurities also cause color changes if not removed in a timely manner. However, color changes due to fingerprints do not reduce the effectiveness of the surface coating. 

    5. Do not expose protective films and adhesive side of products with self-adhesive to direct sunlight or other UV light sources. 

    6. Storage time should not exceed six months from receipt of the product from Alanod Westlake. This may lead to a stronger adhesion of the protective film, with result that it can no longer be removed without damage to the surface coating. In the case of self-adhesive products, undesired behavior in adhesive behavior may be expected. 


    Product Cleaning

    1. Clean products with diluted detegent - 1 teaspoon detergent concentrate to 1 gallon of water - and soft cloth. Dry with dry soft cloth. 

    2. Remove impurities and liquids (e.g. coffee, juices, ketchup, skin care products) immediately to prevent stains. 

    3. The use of microfiber cloth and alcoholic disinfectant is permitted. 

    4. Not suitable for cleaning with vinegar or diluted, salty acetic acid.

    5. Avoid cleaning with abrasive cleaners, steel wool and similar cleaning agents, as they damage the surface coating and promote corrosion. The removal of the surface coating leads to a reduction in the antiviral properties of the product. 



    1. Always wear cut protection gloves when handling the product. 

    2. Protect edges after the products on the underlay by gluing, taping or deburring the cut edges. 

    3. Keep sheets out of reach of children until applied to the underlay and gluing, taping and deburring of the cut edges is complete. 

    4. The product of .020 in. thickness suitable for application of flat surfaces, product of .004 in. thickness suitable for application on semi-flat surfaces. 

    5. The product must be secured to underlay to avoid danger from faling parts.

    6. If an adhesive tape is used, test on an inconspicuous location of the underlay to avoid damage to surface of underlay when the product is later removed or replaced. 

    7. Care must be taken to ensure full bonding of adhesive with the self-adhesive products.

    8. After bonding, seal edges and corners. 



    1. Risk of injury: our products may have sharp edges. These can lead to cuts if handled improperly.

    2. Not suitable for medical purposes. The copper coating has antiviral properties, but is not a medical device. The copper coating is for hygene purposes only.

    3. Not suitable for consumption. 

    4. Not suitable for contact with food.

    5. Not suitable for permanent skin contact. 

    6. Copper can cause allergic reactions.

    7. Keep away from power sources - copper is electrically conductive. 

    8. Electrostatic charging may occur when the protective film is peeled off. 

    9. Keep protective film and adhesive film away from fire and heat. 





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