Alanod-Westlake began in 1974 as Westlake Metal Industries, an independent service center selling flat rolled and extruded aluminum products. In 1978 we added our first sheeting line and became specialized in surface critical sheet products for the appliance and ceiling industries. Then in the mid-1990’s we started to work with ALANOD® as a toll processor, supplying sheets and blanks to the lighting industry. In 1999 we added a slitter in partnership with ALANOD®, to provide fast service and high quality slit coils to their North American customers. In 2007 ALANOD® bought controlling interest and the name was changed to Alanod-Westlake Metal IND. In 2010 ALANOD® purchased the remaining shares in the company as well as the building and grounds. Since January of 2012, Alanod-Westlake has handled all sales and administrative functions for ALANOD®’s North American business.

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